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Henchgirl & Scout Comics: TV and Film Deals Coming … A Force to be Reckoned With

Henchgirl #1
Henchgirl #1

We actually recommended people to purchase and hold on to this quirky and fun comic book when it first released back in October 2015. Rumor had it that the story would be adapted to a TV show. Now, this rumor is becoming less of a rumor and more of reality. The writer and artist of this series, Kristen Gudsnuk, wrote on her website,, a few days ago:

2016-04-02 01_54_56-Henchgirl Comic -

One day later, Brendan Deenen, an executive editor, who shops TV and movie rights for writers, at Macmillan Entertainment,  tweeted the following:

2016-04-02 02_00_35-Brendan Deneen (@BrendanDeneen) _ Twitter

and then…

2016-04-02 02_02_07-Brendan Deneen (@BrendanDeneen) _ Twitter

Two tweets, back-to-back, regarding the same thing. Second tweet also includes CBR, Bleedingcool, Newsrama, Broken Frontier, and Comics Alliance in the message. So, we can suspect that whatever news is about to come is gonna be BIG!…I mean YUUUGE!!!

On top of all this, if you check out the Scout Comics website you will see this:

TV & Film — Scout Comics

Scout Comics is not just a comic book publisher, but the company is in the multimedia entertainment industry. So, the business is well connected with all the TV and film studios listed above…definitely a force to be reckoned with in the comic book entertainment industry.

As we can see, all evidence points to Henchgirl becoming a TV Show. Grapevine buzz indicate an earlier-than-expected release of the TV series. So, go out and grab these books at cover price, while you can!

We recommend getting the first issue for obvious reasons, but if you cannot get your hands on the #1’s, then get whatever other issue(s) you can. Even the later copies are hard to find. The sixth issue comes out this coming Wednesday, and it’s already sold out at virtually all online stores. Good luck with finding these books!

Another point we’d like to make is that Henchgirl is not the only title that Scout Comics is currently developing. There are other very note-worthy titles under the Scout name, such as: SolarMan & Elasticator, which both have been receiving rave reviews from authorities in-and-out of the comic book industry. So, it would definitely be worth your time and some of your cash to grab some these books. We have faith that Scout Comics is publisher to be reckoned with in the near future – filled with investment and speculation opportunities.

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One To Watch

Superman American Alien #1 Regular Cover
Superman American Alien #1 Regular Cover

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