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Two More MARK MILLAR Titles Optioned As Movies

The Mark Millar-written titles American Jesus and Supercrooks have been optioned by Waypoint Entertainmenticon1.png for possible films, according to Deadline. Waypoint has a first-look deal with Addictive Pictures, with representatives from both companies onboard these two projects as producers.

“I only come to LA one week a year and do all my meetings in the pub during those seven days every September. On my most recent trip I met these guys and was wowed by their plans and the scale they’re working on. Leinil and I couldn’t be more delighted to have Supercrooks up and running with such talented people,” Millar said. “Peter Gross and I have held American Jesus back for a decade until the right team came along. This really is that team! The level of talent we’re talking about behind the cameraicon1.png has us all ridiculously excited. Fans of the books are in for an absolute treat.”

Originally published by Dark Horse under the title Chosen, American Jesus was illustrated by Peter Gross and concerns a pre-teen boy who discovers he is the second coming of Christ. In 2009, Millar announced that Kick-Ass and The Kingsman director Matthew Vaughn was directing and producing an adaptation of American Jesus, but no further developments on that version of the project were announced.

Supercrooks was illustrated by Leinel Francis Yu for Marvel’s Icon imprint, with the story of a group of retiredicon1.png supervillains returning for one last heist. A live-action version of this project was previously in development with director Nacho Vigalondo.

Two titles from Dark Horse and Icon get ‘chosen.’

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