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Captain America 75th Anniversary Magazine #1

Captain America 75th Anniversary Magazine #1 (Jack Kirby Variant)

SOLD OUT @ Midtown Already!

Celebrate the birthday of a living legend with an All-New, All-Different commemoration of 75 years of Captain America!

This variant is virtually sold out at almost all online comic book retailers. The Jack Kirby cover seems to be the most sought after and the most difficult to find. Sold out at Midtown within hours. This classic cover of Captain America should do extremely well, with the new Civil War movie coming out soon, and with Steve Rogers’s growing popularity. Many people tout that Captain America is America’s Modern Superhero Icon. Get this comic magazine if you can. Have this book in pristine condition. If you can’t find one in NM+ condition, then make sure to send your book(s) to our current resident Comic Book Presser @ Impressive Comic Books … you’ll do well!

*And just so you know, there are two other variants for this magazine. There’s a John Byrne and Alex Ross cover … and both are also virtually sold out at online comic book retailers.


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