Introducing: the Comic Book Market Index (Composite)!

*The Comic Book Market Index (CBMI) consists of a weighted average of the price changes on 36 different specifically selected comic books to represent the average price change of the overall broader comic book market. Sampling includes one Golden Age book, three Silver Age, fourteen Bronze Age, and seventeen Modern Age books. Comic book values range from eight dollars to twelve thousand dollars. Book conditionsĀ (by CGC or CBCS standards) range from 4.0 (Very Good) all the way to 9.8 (Near Mint+). Virtually all books in the Bronze and Modern Age category are in “Near Mint” or better conditions. All comic book price data are taken from GoCollect and recent eBay sales.

**Please be aware that all comic book analytical data presented in our chart(s) and graph(s) are for informational purposes only. All purchase/sale, investment and speculation decisions are the responsibility of the user. We are not liable for any loss or damages due to the users’ decisions.


***[Data reset to start on 6/1/2016 due to technical difficulties.]

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