Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. My Feeling and Quick Take on the Film


Watching this movie was pretty much like having a conversation with an interesting and mysterious person, except this person keeps changing the topic every five minutes. So, it’s almost like you want to know more about what’s being said, but as soon as you get to a hooking point, this person changes the topic. It’s just really hard to get engrossed or relate to the film because the scenes keep changing to show something else. The ending of the movie is when, for the most part, the scenes are shot continuously for longer than five minute intervals.



Warning: Contains minor spoilers for Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice


Comic Book Investment Tips: Jimmy Olsen #134 & Forever People #1

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Although Darkseid does not officially make an appearance in the movie, multiple hints point to his coming in the very near future.


Any Wonder Woman key issue, including: All Star Comics #8, Sensation Comics #1, Sensation Comics #6, Wonder Woman #1, All Star Comics #36, Wonder Woman #85, & Wonder Woman #98





…any Aquaman key issue, including: More Fun Comics #73, Adventure Comics #229, Adventure Comics #260, Aquaman #1, & Showcase #30






…any Justice League key issue, including: Brave and the Bold #28 & Justice League #9.






Again, the Justice League does not make an official appearance in the film. But, we already know what’s about to come.

Overall, the movie was not as bad as the critics made it seem to be. I would give it a 6.5 out of a 10-point-scale. Go see it and form your own opinion. I’ve heard differing opinions from “It’s total GARBAGE!!!” all the way to “OMG! It was AWESOME!!!”. So, the verdict is still in the air. Until then, continue Comic Booking, COMICBOOKIES!

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